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Business Development


The digital businesses bring new challenges 

Internet revolutionized the world in the 70 to allow connection between companies and provide a low-cost channel for transactions. The average evolved into a sales channel, loyalty and communication. Increasingly complex and polygonal day, the digital medium offers opportunities for those who understand the medium.

Therefore, from Userstrend we offer services with high added value for your project is really a digital project. Through Customer Marketing and Product Marketing, will help you to build a viable digital business and real presence on the Internet.


We create digital business


Born with clear ideas and agile development methodology business needs experienced teams with a clear focus on goals.

Do not leave your business in the hands of uncertainty, Userstrend provides services that help your startup all, organizational, sales levels, product, …


Product Development

We design your business


The digital product is the form through which not only communicate with our customers, but how to create experiences through interaction or through functionality.

Designing, testing and exploit digital products is an art in which we must take into account many parameters to achieve the objectives of recruitment, retention and profitability to create sustainable and scalable business.


Business Model

Managing growing


Enter the digital world is an important step for a company, focused to monetize the channel, understand and promote it sometimes is not easy, so the need for professionals to assist it in providing ideas, resource allocation and tracking results.

Think your business model and processes to manage their assets efficiently, is our priority, our business model is based on high value-added services. More